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Full Version: How many POSSI members are here yet
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How's things going for the POSSI crew? Are you guys having any difficulties or questions with the message board software? Let me know if I can answer any question or anything for you guys.

Hey dave,

So far we have 7-8 members onboard, 2-3 are cross clubs.

I am still pushing for more people to join!

INEGMA is a great resource for the Norhteast
Heavy Chevy 95
QUOTE (Fbiss @ Aug 26 2003, 12:01 PM)
Hey dave,

So far we have 7-8 members onboard, 2-3 are cross clubs.

I am still pushing for more people to join!

INEGMA is a great resource for the Norhteast

William - Thank You.

We have a lot of time to get all the Northeast members on board with the New Northeast Forum for all the club members.

I plan to be around for another 30 years with my Lt1 animals on INEGMA.

Adminstrators of the INEGMA forum. - Dan Esteban and Dave Wilson

Just a friendly reminder - We have to upsize the letter size and make it a little darker in color for the POSSI members to use their new forum to participate.

This was the same problem we had when UNYISSO and OB-BO format was brand new.

I think I may need new Glasses if I had to type this small size letters all the time tongue.gif
Hey guys, this looks like it will be, actually it already is, an awesome site once the membership multiplies a bit. I've spent the last few days in here reading the threads and getting used to the software. Looking forward to watching it grow.

Hey Bill & Tony, maybe we should just keep pinging the POSSI's email accounts and more will join?

Looking forward for the next chance I have to go Ridin' with the POSSI!!!!!!!!

Fly Navy. banana.gif
I just popped in to look around. Anything interesting going on in here? It will be nice to have another spot to lurk!
Hey Glen,

Come stay and look around

Inegma is a great source to find information and events more catered to clubs in the North east.

Inegma seems to be groing good, but we still have to get the word out.

I know that most of the possi members arent computer friendly, but we got to get the ones that are, on here!

the more people that get on here the better it will be.
Heavy Chevy 95
Hey William - thanks for speaking up about INEGMA with your POSSI members.

This is a slow process to spread the word in the Northeast to all the local clubs.
Computer Illiterate - Your looking at one right here hahaha.gif

Looking forward to the 2004 hotrod season with everyone on this board.
Hey where all local in the Northeast biggrin.gif
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