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Full Version: Official announcement of the resurrecting of the club.
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I would like to welcome everyone to BADASS.
I decided that I would like to see if BADASS could become an active group within the b-body community again for the enthusists around New England.
I am not sure how it will go. But, I am going to move forward with it as long as there are enough active members to make it fun and enjoyable for all.
Toomanytoyz started it with others some time ago, and my plan to keep it true to it's roots and spirit. In other words. I am going to keep it simple. There was no membership dues, and there will not be any now or in the future.

If you are a current member, I welcome you back. If you are a new member, I welcome you and thank you for joining.
I have a planed event for mid April, but am still working out the details.
But my goal is 8-10 events/gatherings in 09

There will be a cruise in mid spring, and possibly another in the fall. A couple mod days, for which we would need people willing to volunteer to host a mod day at their homes or buisneses. I would love to, but I do not have the room.
A few drag days will happen at NED. But to be called up as a group/club with lanes reserved for BADASS to race against one another is something that has to be set in place well in advance, because it has to be set up with the track staff.

As New England is such a large area, I understand that some if not all events will be a hike for many, while others will be closer. So with that said, I will plan things so all can make gatherings. I will give a five week notice for all events. If the date does not work well for most, I will have time to make the changes needed for the majority to attend.
I will be open to suggestions, as this is your club too, and you as a member have a voice.

In the coming weeks, I will start to add dates to the calender section. The events I add will only be those I have worked out every detail, and know is a go. I will never add anything that is not completely thought out.

In the mean time. Please register with our new official forum at .This is how I will be able to keep track of membership and you will be able to go to one place for current information, and upcoming events.

I just want to thank everyone again.

Take the torch and run with it Billy! I'll help where I can. smile.gif

Like... Here. A link to the website might help. biggrin.gif

C'mon guys! Let's get this going again! smile.gif

I can do a cookout/mod day like I used to. And I can also try to set up another BADASS/ECIRS Drag Day @ NED if there's enough interest.

Hopefully more guys will step up with ideas and host/plan some things than the first time around.

Let's do it! biggrin.gif
I kinda forgot a linky, didn't I unsure.gif

Come on guys and gals. Lets knock the dust off this thing and get it going again. djsmiley.gif
I was never really involved before but, hell yes. I gotta do something!
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