Hi Everyone,

I have been out of the B/D body game for a couple years now. I owned a 96 9C1, 2 95 9C1s, and a 95 Fleetwood. All were nicely modded with Bilsteins, SS rims, lowering springs, Bonnies, blazer console and I loved them so much. All well ran well over 250,000 miles. I miss them very much.

I was just tossing out some feelers and gauge any interest in a trade. I have inherited my parents car and been driving it for the past two years. It is a 2000 Deville silver, fairly well maintained, powerful and painful Northstar. We bought it from a local user car dealer in 2007 with 78,000 miles. They loved it, the perfect old man car. Rides perfectly on the highway, gets pretty decent mileage too. Runs great. A lot of recent repairs. Head gaskets replaced, shocks/struts all around, pads and rotors all around, new radiator and alternator.

It is not a lot of fun to drive. I miss the stiff suspension of my lowered Fleetwood and I miss it. I miss the ride and the handling. I want something that I don’t pass 4 of on the way to work. I want another B/D body.

Anyone interested in trading the Deville for a Fleetwood or a Roadmaster? Nothing against the B bodies but after 3 9C1s, I have come to appreciate comfort and luxury! LOL! My ideal would be a 95 Fleetwood with moonroof. Then any Fleetwood or Roadmaster would be entertained.

If anyone is interested, I can get some pictures and go more in depth about it. I am willing to travel a few hundred miles to check it. I would love to hear from anyone. Thank you all in advance. Have a great day!

George D.